Delete an Email Address From All Listserv Lists in a Single Administrative Task

October 28, 2011 Martin Reference Admin Listserv

Is there a way to examine ALL of the lists on the Listserv in Listserv Lite to search for and remove one email address from every list on the server in one administrative task?  If so, could you get me there as I cannot seem to find that functionality. If all you want to do […]


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Revise subscriber’s email address on the Listserv (E)

June 3, 2011 Martin Reference Admin Listserv

Login. Go to subscriber’s corner and put in subscriber’s existing email address in ‘Show for Subscriber’. Select ‘Show Subscribed Lists Only’ in Show All Lists. Submit. Note listserv subscriptions. Check boxes (singly or “check all”). Go to bottom left and select ‘Unsubscribe’ (unmarked drop down box). Go to bottom right and make sure ‘Send email […]


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Listserv List Will Not Delete (E)

June 1, 2011 Martin Reference Admin Listserv

Try the following procedure. (1) Go under ‘List Management’ to ‘LISTSERV Command’ and issue the following command: quiet del SGIPGB-BOPWG-ALL *@* (2) Next, issue a free SGIPGB-BOPWG-ALL command. (3) Try deleting the list again If the delete fails, it is most likely because the corresponding directory does not exist in the Listserv file structure on […]


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