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Outlook: Disable The Email Reply Taskbar

May 19, 2017 Martin Reference Admin EMail

I never thought for one moment that this could be such a big issue but apparently it is for many people. I am talking about this little taskbar on the right side of the screen in Microsoft Outlook. I got this simple question: “How to turn this off, I don’t want it there“. Well like […]


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Remove and Re-add License Key for Office 2013 on Office 365

March 2, 2017 Martin Reference Admin Microsoft

Introduction Note: Verifed to Work on Key Based Locally Installed Non-Office 365 Licensing For Office 2013 as well Having been on Microsoft Office 365 for a few months now, we started to notice that when users who had activated software on a PC were removed from Office 365, the software would go into “grace period” […]


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Outlook Manage and Organize Data files

March 2, 2017 Martin Reference Admin EMail

Reduce the size of Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost) Applies To: Outlook 2010 Your Microsoft Outlook mailbox grows as you create and receive items. When you delete items, the size of the Outlook Data File (.pst and .ost) file might not decrease in proportion to the data that you deleted. There are several ways […]


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Outlook Error 0x80070057-00000000-00000000 When Trying to Send a Calendar Invite

November 22, 2011 Martin Reference Admin EMail

One of our users started getting this error yesterday as well when sending out meeting requests: The following recipient(s) could not be reached: ‘Internal User’ on 1/7/2009 2:55 PM This message could not be sent. Try sending the message again later, or contact your network administrator. Error is [0x80070057-00000000-00000000]. ‘External User’ on 1/7/2009 2:55 PM […]


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Unable to View SharePoint site in Datasheet View

August 24, 2011 Martin Reference Admin MS Office

Ever since I installed MSOffice 2010 Pro (64 bit), my SharePoint doesn’t display lists properly. My laptop which has Office2007Pro works still. Interesting read: Sharepoint: ActiveX Error When Trying to View List in Datasheet View When trying to view a list in datasheet view, sometimes you get the following error: ” The list cannot […]


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E-mail messages disappear from your Inbox after you read the e-mail messages in Outlook

June 24, 2011 Martin Reference Admin EMail

Two possible causes for this behavior are as follows: – You have a filter that applies to display only unread messages. – You are looking at a Microsoft Exchange Mailbox and you have an instance of  Outlook running that has delivery set to a Personal Folders (.pst) file. Cause 1 To remove all filters, follow […]


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ERROR: When I try to accept Outlook meeting invitation, it says I’m the meeting organizer and cannot accept it (E)

June 10, 2011 Martin Reference Admin EMail

There is some reported success with this workaround: 1) Remove the problematic attendee from the meeting. 2) Save & Close, but DO NOT send an Update. 3) Re-add the attendee who was having the problem, Save & Close and DO send the update this time. 4) The attendee should receive a new invitation and should […]


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Outlook / Symantec Add-in error pop-up (E)

June 9, 2011 Martin Reference Admin Antivirus

WinXP / Symantec EPP 11 / OL2007 & OL2010 Error: The Add-in “Symantec Antivirus Outlook Protection” (c:program filesCommonFilesSymantecSharedvpmsece.dll) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook.  Please contact the add-in manufacter for an update.  If no update is available, please uninstall the add-in Resolution: Close Outlook Browse to Documents and Settings\Local SettingsApplicationDataMicrosoftOutlook delete extend.dat


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Outlook: This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computers. Please see your system administrator (E)

June 9, 2011 Martin Reference Admin EMail

Solution #1 – Reset IE to Default Browser Status – IE Tools Options Programs Make Default Solution #2 – Control Panel Default Programs Set Programs Access & Computers Details Custom – Expand Custom Set IE as default browser Set Outlook as default email program – Apply OK all the way out Soltuon #3 – Removal […]


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Error Message: “None of your e-mail accounts could send to this recipient” (E)

June 9, 2011 Martin Reference Admin EMail

Recreate the bounced message. Right click on the email address, click the “Internet Type” button to change type to SMTP then OK. Message will send as expected.


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