Enable RDP Access to Server 2008 Running MS TMG 2010

October 23, 2013 Martin Reference Admin Microsoft

1. Go to search bar, in explorer and type: mmc 2. Add the “Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration” module, when asked, select localhost. 3. Once the mmc opens, click on the main branch. On the right, you will see “Connections” with RDP-Tcp listed. 4. Right click RDP-Tcp and select properties. 5. Click Network Adapter tab, […]


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How to Enable Windows 7 Ping Response in Firewall

April 5, 2012 Martin Reference Admin MS Windows

Indication: ‘Request Time Out’ message from Windows 7 Computer and it’s not responding to ICMP echo requests from other network devices. All network sharings are working but ping reply is not working , so how to enable ping reply in Windows 7? Reasons: By default ICMP echo requests, used for ping command is blocked in Windows 7firewall default settings. Solutions: 1) Disable […]


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Enable Ping Replies on Windows Server 2008

January 25, 2012 Martin Reference Admin Microsoft

By default you are not able to Ping a Windows Server 2008 machine. To enable Ping reply from Windows Server 2008, go to Window Firewall with Advance Security from Administrator Tools menu. Look inside Inbound Rules, scroll down to File and Printer Sharing, right click and enable this rule. After that the check mark will […]


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How to use Nslookup to verify MX record configuration

November 17, 2011 Martin Reference Admin DNS

At a command prompt, type nslookup, and then press ENTER. Type server , where IP address is the IP address of your external DNS server, and then press ENTER. Type set q=MX, and then press ENTER. Type , where domain name is the name of your domain, and then press ENTER. The MX record for […]


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D-Link DGS3100-48 Default IP Address

September 20, 2011 Martin Reference Admin Hardware


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Unable to Access a Quickbooks Company File

August 24, 2011 Martin Reference Admin General

User unable to access a coprporation file on network drive.  Corporation file / DB not in multiuser mode.  Had CFO change to multi mode for the corporation.  Confirmed the user was able to access the correct corporation file.


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Moved Exchange 2007 Log Files (E)

July 29, 2011 Martin Reference Admin EMail To use the Exchange Management Console to change log file locations for an existing database 1. Start the Exchange Management Console on the server on which the storage group is located. 2. In the console tree, expand Server Configuration, and then click Mailbox. 3. In the result pane, click the Mailbox server that contains […]


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To determine the MAC address of a remote device

May 24, 2011 Martin Reference Admin Network

To determine the MAC address of a remote device: Open the MS-DOS prompt (From the Run… command, type “CMD” and press Enter). Ping a remote device that you want to find the MAC address (for example: PING Type “ARP -A”, and press Enter.


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