Windows Server Update Services Installation Failed the Update Could Not Be Found

September 3, 2015 Martin Reference Admin Microsoft

Uninstalled due to DB errors. Reinstall failed with above error. Reso: Note #1: If your uninstalled and reinstallation gives you this error then this fixed it for me (clip from It’s a relatively quick fix though – Just delete “HKLMSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsWindowsUpdate”, restart the Windows Update service (wuauserv) and then you should be good to go. […]


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You receive a “0x80070002” or “0x80070003” error code after you download an update from Windows Update, from Microsoft Update, or from Windows Server Update Services

March 14, 2013 Martin Reference Admin Microsoft

Run this MS FixIt:  


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Clearing Windows Update Cache Upon Update Failure

December 13, 2012 Martin Reference Admin Microsoft

Open Command Prompt by Start -> Run and type “cmd“ On the Command Prompt, type “net stop wuauserv“. Still on the Command Prompt, type “cd /d %windir%” or “cd\windows“ Type “rd /s SoftwareDistribution“ Restart the windows automatic update service again. Type “net start wuauserv“ Or go to this link:


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MB KB2446704 Error 0x80070643 Fix

June 24, 2011 Martin Reference Admin Event IDs / Event Log

Fix MS KB976982 Method 1: Fix MSI software update registration corruption issues MS Fix it 50123 Method 2: Repair the .NET Framework To repair the .NET Framework you must uninstall multiple versions of the .NET Framework by using the .NET Framework Cleanup Tool, and then reinstall the components. To do this, follow these steps: […]


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Error 1603: Fatal Error During Installation (E)

June 7, 2011 Martin Reference Admin Event IDs / Event Log

Original article: Error 1603 is a generic machine-specific issue. One or more of the following fixes may resolve the error. This error is known to occur on computers that do not have enough disk space for the installation. To increase your hard disk space, follow the instructions in How Do I Increase Hard Disk […]


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The WSUS administration console was unable to connect to the WSUS Server (E)

June 3, 2011 Martin Reference Admin IIS / IIS Admin Service

From: I’ve already solved this problem but I’d like to share this with the rest of the forum visitors since I haven’t found a neat solution for this problem here yet. Most of the solutions were: reinstall wsus, remove this or that etc. But before you do that, first try my solution. It’s only […]


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Windows Updates Error 80070003 (E)

June 1, 2011 Martin Reference Admin MS Windows

Windows Update error 80070003 To clear: Stop Windows Update Service Delete Temporary Update files Restart Windows Update Service To delete temporary update files: 1.Open Computer by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Computer. 2.Double-click the local hard disk where Windows is installed (typically, drive C). 3.Double-click the Windows folder, and then double-click the […]


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Another Sync Script & Reg Keys to Delete

May 24, 2011 Martin Reference Admin Scripting

@echo off Echo This batch file will Force the Update Detection from the AU client by: Echo 1. Stops the Automatic Updates Service (wuauserv) Echo 2. Deletes the LastWaitTimeout registry key (if it exists) Echo 3. Deletes the DetectionStartTime registry key (if it exists) Echo 4. Deletes the NextDetectionTime registry key (if it exists) Echo […]


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Force WSUS Client to sync with WSUS Server

May 24, 2011 Martin Reference Admin WSUS

Create text file – save as .cmd file: @echo off Pause net stop wuauserv REG DELETE “HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdateAuto Update” /v NextDetectionTime /f net start wuauserv wuauclt /detectnow Pause Run .cmd file



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