June, 2017

Forward Yahoo! Mail to Another Email Address

June 14, 2017 Martin Reference Admin EMail

Click the gear icon near your Yahoo! Mail top right corner or hover the mouse cursor over it. Select Settings from the menu that shows. Go to the Accounts category. Click the email address you want to forward under Yahoo or Primary Yahoo. Make sure Forward is selected under Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere. Enter the email address where you want to receive […]


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Windows Update Error 80072EFE – Cryptographic Service Error

June 7, 2017 Martin Reference Admin MS Windows

Error message 0x80072EFE when trying to installing update from the Windows Update website. This issue may be caused by hardware and / or software firewalls or proxy server or Windows category files are corrupted. To resolve the issue: Step 1: Check background programs. ======================= Disable firewalls or other Internet browser programs that can affect the […]


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