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Windows Update Error 80072EFE – Cryptographic Service Error

June 7, 2017 Martin Reference Admin MS Windows

Error message 0x80072EFE when trying to installing update from the Windows Update website. This issue may be caused by hardware and / or software firewalls or proxy server or Windows category files are corrupted. To resolve the issue: Step 1: Check background programs. ======================= Disable firewalls or other Internet browser programs that can affect the […]


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Solved: Windows Update 80072EE2 Error

April 12, 2017 Martin Reference Admin Microsoft

Go to Start In the Run box type regedit and hit enter In the registry editor, browse to the folder in the left hand panel to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate folder and delete the keys in the right hand pane called WUServer and WUStatusServer In the Run box type services.exe and hit enter Find the ‘Windows Update‘ service at the bottom […]


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Windows Update 0x80070005 errors

May 16, 2013 Martin Reference Admin Microsoft

Windows Indexing Service–w.aspx The last post mentions using ProcessExplorer to determine that cidaemon.exe (the Indexing Service) was locking the update.url file. Stop the Indexing Service via Services and Windows Update ran successfully.


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December 12, 2011 Martin Reference Admin Windows Update

Net Stop wuauserv Delete the contents of this folder (or the folder itself) & reboot: C:WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionDataStore Or try deleting the contents of this folder (or the folder itself) & reboot: C:WINDOWSSoftwareDistribution Net Start wuauserv  


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Windows Update Error 0xC8000408

October 27, 2011 Martin Reference Admin Windows Update

Error 0xC8000408 at on SS (E). Two potential resolutions: 1)  The SYSTEM group was not given Full access rights to C:. 2) Restart Automatic Updates service on server. Started with #2 in this scenario and that resolved this machine’s issue.


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MB KB2446704 Error 0x80070643 Fix

June 24, 2011 Martin Reference Admin Event IDs / Event Log

Fix MS KB976982 Method 1: Fix MSI software update registration corruption issues MS Fix it 50123 Method 2: Repair the .NET Framework To repair the .NET Framework you must uninstall multiple versions of the .NET Framework by using the .NET Framework Cleanup Tool, and then reinstall the components. To do this, follow these steps: […]


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Hard drive thrashing / running constantly (E)

June 9, 2011 Martin Reference Admin General

Wuauclt service running nearly 100%. Stopped service. Cleared WU cache: Open Command Prompt Type net stop wuauserv Type cd /d %windir%” or cdwindows Type rd /s SoftwareDistribution The cache has been purged. Type net start wuauserv


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